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ShockWatch RFID Enabled Impact Indicator

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ShockWatch® RFID combines the benefits of RFID inventory tr...Read more

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Location Graham, Texas, US
ShockWatch® RFID combines the benefits of RFID inventory tracking with indication of unacceptable handling. Each ShockWatch RFID unit has been fitted with a passive RFID chip which can be scanned with any standard RFID reader to catch damage before it enters the assembly line. Reduce damage by 40-60% by implementing a monitoring program that changes behavior Easy to add into your current RFID program Used by the best supply chains around the world No wires or batteries Based on the impact technology of the ShockWatch 2, ShockWatch RFID is a go/no-go device that will indicate if products have been mishandled during transit or in storage. The indicators are field armable, tamperproof and turn red when an impact beyond a specific threshold has occurred.
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