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All this positive juju around GoDirect™ Trade but the real question of the day is:

How do I start selling?

We're so glad you asked!

Honeywell Aerospace Trading was the first storefront launched on GoDirect™ Trade in December 2018. Since then we've had more “Grand Openings” of additional storefronts. Early Collaborators such as WG Henschen, Dassault Falcon Spares, Standard Aero, and Honeywell Inertial Measurement Units have all customized their storefronts and are open for business.  We have others that are preparing their premium listings and developing their storefronts now and will be live in the coming weeks.

One of the boldest decisions we made was to require our sellers to provide price, product images, and quality documents to list product on our marketplace. We realize this is a high bar to set and some sellers might not be able or willing to meet this strict criterion. But every time we doubted our decision, we always came back to one thing: What is our mission? Disrupt the aerospace industry by fundamentally changing the expectations of our customers. To do this, sellers must be willing, open, and quite frankly, excited, to move into the digital world as we know it. To meet the needs of our customers, we'll drive speed, efficiency, and quality into the buy/sell process. These evolutionary, customer-focused changes can only be realized when "going digital" is embraced. The day our customers refuse to make a purchase until price, product images, and quality documents are readily available is the day we know we succeeded.

So back the original question of: How do I start selling?

Every storefront we have today is dedicated to moving this industry forward into the Digital Age. We’re not trying to start an exclusive club but in these early days, we want our storefronts to have the same passion and grit around our mission as we do. So, if you’re obsessed with the customer and you’re an advocate of going digital, then click here to purchase an annual Seller Subscription or to learn more contact me, Tony Perillo, Disciple of the Digital Age (and Business Growth Leader).

Warm Regards,

Tony Perillo Tony Perillo