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GoDirect Trade's Mobile App

GoDirect™ Trade loves its customers but the strength of the marketplace will hinge greatly on ensuring the success of its premier sellers. Put simply, we need to make it easy for a seller to set up a storefront with quality listings, here's how.

Manage Your Listings

We get it, our products can be anywhere from a warehouse to a hangar, that’s why the GoDirect Trade Mobile App will make it easy to create and manage listings, from anywhere you need.

GoDirect Trade Mobile App
GoDirect Trade Mobile App

Quickly Take Product Photos

We believe photos tell the story, that’s why the app makes it easy to take photos of your product as part of the listing process.

Simply Scan Documents

Trust is our core objective and quality documents ensure that both buyers and sellers can operate on trust. The GoDirect Trade app will allow you to easily scan documents for every listing.

GoDirect Trade Mobile App
GoDirect Trade Mobile App

Stay In Sync

Whether it be the GoDirect Trade website or our mobile app, all of your data will stay in sync, ensuring all of your listings stay up-to-date, ready to make the sale.

Keep checking our site as the mobile app is coming soon!

Interested in opening up a storefront?

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