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TurbineAero is the leading APU MRO service provider of comprehensive, flexible and reliable solutions to the global Aerospace community. http://www.turbineaero.com/

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Minor Repair 6 Months after delivery or 500 APU Hours or Cycles Whichever comes first. Major Repair 12 Months after delivery or 1,000 APU Hours or Cycles Whichever comes first. 1. All warranty services shall be performed in accordance with Buyer’s Authorized Build Standard. This means that the APU warranty repair will conform to the repair and overhaul technical specifications agreed between Buyer and TurbineAero Repair Engineering. These specifications contain the approvals (or otherwise) with regard to the use of DER and PMA parts. 2. Seller warrants that the articles delivered hereunder conform to appropriate technical data in accordance with FAA requirements and are free from defects in workmanship within the area that repairs were performed for the applicable warranty period only to the extent that such defects are reasonably ascertainable. 3. The customer shall inspect each APU or Accessory promptly after delivery, but in no case, later than 14 days after actual receipt. Unless rejected within such time period, the APU or Accessory shall be deemed by the parties to be accepted. 4. The responsibility of Seller hereunder, and the sole and exclusive remedy of Buyer under this warranty, is limited to correction or replacement by Seller, at its facility, without charge. Further, any article or part that has been returned to Seller, in accordance with this warranty, shall require that Seller has been notified in writing, of the defect or nonconformity, within the warranty period and that the affected article or part has been returned to Seller within fifteen (15) days after discovery of such defect or nonconformity. 5. The seller shall not be responsible for any costs associated with removal and reinstallation of the APU or Accessory nor any routine adjustments made at the time of installation. 6. Seller shall have the sole right to determine whether returned articles or parts shall be repaired or replaced. 7. Seller agrees to assume round-trip transportation costs for defective or non-conforming articles or parts in an amount not to exceed normal surface shipping charges within the United States, provided the article has been accepted as a valid warranty claim. 8. These warranties will not apply if the articles or any parts thereof have been: a. subjected to any maintenance, overhaul, installation, storage, operation, use, handling or environment which was not in keeping with industry standards or performed without Seller’s written approval; b. subjected to any alteration modification, or repair, after the APU or any of its components have been delivered to Buyer, by anyone other than Seller or Seller’s subcontractor; c. subjected to any accident, misuse, neglect, or negligence after delivery by Seller; d. visually or functionally tested by the Seller or Seller’s representative, as part of a warranty claim, and no fault was found; e. removed from service due to scheduled retirement or scheduled inspection; f. subject to the removal or modification of the article as a requirement of Federal or State regulation; or g. subject to erosion or environmental hazard resulting in deterioration of the article’s performance or efficiency. 9. The warranty shall not apply to any article to the extent that the defect or nonconformity is attributable to any part not supplied by or repaired by Seller or Seller’s subcontractor. Where OEM new parts were found defective, this warranty is limited to the OEM new part warranty policy. In the event LLP parts are damaged beyond repair, Seller shall only be obligated for the remaining life for those parts. 8. Seller’s obligations under these warranties are conditioned upon Buyer’s obligation to maintain records that accurately reflect operating time and maintenance performed on affected equipment and establish the nature of any unsatisfactory condition. Seller, at its request, shall be given access to such records for the purpose of substantiating warranty claims. 9. All other warranties, whether express, implied or statutory, such as warranties of merchantability of fitness for a particular purpose are hereby excluded and disclaimed to the extent they exceed the warranties granted herein. In no event shall Seller be liable for consequential or incidental damages. 10. Warranty repair or replacement of any part shall not extend the warranty beyond the original warranty period. 11. The first one hundred eighty (180) days of the warranty period will be covered at 100% and the remaining one hundred eighty five (185) days will be covered on a 50% prorate basis. Covered warranty repairs after the initial 180 days will be calculated using the following formula: Days in Service - 180 x .50 = Pro Rated Percentage of warranty not covered 13. Warranty is non-transferable without prior written approval by the seller.