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Superior Aviation Solutions is an aftermarket distributor, stockist, and operator of aerospace engines, airframes, and their components, specializing in rotorcraft and business aviation.

Company Website : www.superior-av.com

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Return Policy:Any unit purchases from Superior Aviation Solutions, LLC may be returned for credit, in its original unopened packaging, via appropriate shipping methods within thirty (30) days of the purchase at its original price less a 20% restocking fee. The purchase price of any unopened unit returned after this period and up to the first sixty (60) days after the initial sale may be credited to the customer’s account less a 25% restocking fee. Superior Aviation Solutions, LLC reserves the option to deduct an additional 25% for each additional thirty- (30) day period the customer keeps the unopened unit. If the unit is purchased from a third-party vendor by Superior Aviation Solutions, LLC on behalf of the customer, Superior Aviation Solutions, LLC reserves the option to invoice the customer for any restock fees charged by the third-party vendor. PAG reserves the option to invoice the customer for costs incurred in the re-certification of any unit returned for credit. If any unit returned for claimed warranty is found to be functional with no defects, Superior Aviation Solutions, LLC reserves the option to invoice the customer for cost incurred in the re-certification of that unit.Exchange Policy:Exchange prices are based on the customer returning a repairable core of the same part number. Superior Aviation Solutions, LLC reserves the option to reject any returned units that have been damaged from abnormal causes, such as fire, crash, submersion, cannibalizations, unauthorized repair or excessive wear. Units found to be economically non-repairable will be returned. The customer will have the opportunity to send a suitable core or the core charge will apply as originally invoiced. Cost of any repair above normal charges which is found, either at the time of the exchange or latter during overhaul, will be billed in addition to the exchange price. If an acceptable core is not received within thirty (30) days of date of invoice, the applicable core change will be due. If an acceptable core is received more than thirty (30) days past the date of invoice. Superior Aviation Solutions, LLC reserves the right to credit the core charge less a 20% late fee.




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All components sold by Superior Aviation Solutions are accompanied with the warranty provided by the respective authorized repair facility or OEM. Superior Aviation Solutions accepts warranty returns for any unit sold in guaranteed repairable condition that is deemed non repairable or BER by an authorized repair facility.Limitation of Warranty:The above warranty shall be the sole and exclusive remedy. The foregoing warranty is limited and exclusive. Superior Aviation Solutions, LLC makes no other warranty, express or implied, of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. In no event will Superior Aviation Solutions, LLC be liable for resultant damage, loss or use, or consequential damages.