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SkyTeam International is a FAA/EASA certified Part 145 Repair Station servicing avionics, instrumentation and electromechanical accessories for over 20 years.

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Returns may be requested within 14 days of sale by SkyTeam International, Co. and must be returned with RMA (Return Material Authorization). Products returned without RMA are not eligible for a refund. Please request an RMA (Return Material Authorization) from your account manager at SkyTeam International prior to return shipment. Any order that is canceled or returned after the original shipment will result in restocking fees up to 25% of the invoiced amount. If an item is returned without RMA, the return will not be accepted, and the invoice will remain open. It is Buyer’s responsibility to request the RMA before the 14 days from the sale have passed. If Buyer wishes to request an exchange, contact SkyTeam International, Co to discuss the specific details of the exchange.


Orders placed before 3 p.m. EDT from Monday-Friday will be shipped the same day to the best of our ability. Orders placed outside of this time will be shipped at the next earliest shipping time. Shipping dates are given at the best of SkyTeam International, Co.’s knowledge-based upon conditions existing at the time the order is placed, and information furnished by Buyer. SkyTeam International, Co. will‚ in good faith‚ endeavor to ship by the estimated shipping date but shall not be responsible for any delay arising from its failure to ship by the estimated shipping date. All orders will include an envelope containing: a signed original 8130-3 or Form 1 airworthiness certificate and teardown (when applicable), SkyTeam ATA 106, and trace to a certificated part 121, 129, 135, 145, Foreign or OEM Source. These documents are GUARANTEED to be inside your package and digital copies are available upon request.


Unless SkyTeam International, Co.’s credit department has extended credit terms to Buyer in writing‚ or unless other terms are included in delivery documents issued by SkyTeam International, Co. for the Products‚ payment terms are prepaid in United States currency (USD). SkyTeam International, Co. reserves the right to modify or withdraw credit terms at any time without notice and to require guarantees‚ security‚ or payment in advance of the amount of credit involved. If Buyer fails to fulfill the terms of payment‚ SkyTeam International, Co. may defer further shipment to Buyer or‚ at its option‚ cancel the unshipped portion of Buyer’s order. The buyer agrees to pay interest on all past-due invoices at the highest contractual rate allowable under the laws of the State of Florida.


Expendable products sold by SkyTeam International, Co. are not covered under any warranty but may be returned subject to terms outlined in section 4. Serviceable components sold by SkyTeam International, Co. are covered under warranty for a 6-month period starting from the date of sale granted the component is certified by a SkyTeam International, Co. 8130-3. Overhauled components sold by SkyTeam International, Co. are covered under warranty for a 12-month period starting from the date of sale granted the component is certified by a SkyTeam International, Co. 8130-3. Products repaired and overhauled by SkyTeam International, Co. is warrantied against defects in material and workmanship for the time period listed above by service provided. This warranty applies to the specific repairs provided and replaced at the time of service. This warranty is not applicable to any product that has failed due to abuse, misuse, improper installation, excessive voltage, or alterations. The warranty may also be voided if SkyTeam International, Co. determines the product has been tampered with, i.e. missing/broken warranty seals or missing/replaced tamper-proof fastener applications. SkyTeam International shall not be liable for any indirect, consequential, special, punitive, or incidental damages incurred and assumes no responsibility for expenses incurred in the installation or removal of its warrantied products. Products strictly inspected/tested by SkyTeam International are certified to be within manufacturer tolerance at the time of testing and carry no implied warranty. Products sold by SkyTeam International, Co. and certified by another certificated source fall under the terms of that source’s warranty. In this event, warranty requests must be discussed between SkyTeam International, Co, and Buyer prior to return for warranty evaluation.