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Exchange: The Exchange Fee for the initial Exchange Period shall apply regardless of the timing of delivery of the Core Unit to TVS. In case the Core Unit is not received by TVS from Customer within the initial Exchange Period, the mentioned Exchange Fee will apply for each and every subsequent Exchange period (period length as stated in the quotation above) until such Core Unit is delivered to TVS. Customer shall pay the variable fee per defined period and the fixed fee, if applicable. The Exchange Fee will be invoiced upon the commencement of each Exchange period and each renewal thereof.The part number, serial number, non-incident-statement, the latest Certificate Released to Service (e.g. EASA Form 1) and an unserviceabletag, if applicable.shall be provided. In case TVS requires tracking of flight hours and/or cycles and/or any other parameter which hasan impact on TVS‘s product integrity it is mandatory to provide Times Since New and/or Times Since Overhaul/Repair, as appropriate, for all repairable Core Units while possessed/installed on Customer or Customer’s aircraft.Documentation: The status for Life Limited Parts and Time Controlled Components shall be supported by following documentation:the certificate of release to service to prove part number, serial number and/or date of installation/removal date of removal, accumulated operating times and any other parameter necessary to appropriately control an airworthiness limitation shall be given by an approved document.The certificate of release to service and ‘detailed maintenance records’ for the last accomplishment of any scheduled maintenance, and any subsequent unscheduled maintenance, on all Life Limited Parts and Time Controlled Components until the scheduled maintenance has been superseded by another scheduled maintenance of equivalent scope and detail.Life Limited Parts: The current status should be provided which indicates, for each affected Life Limited Part, the total number of accumulated flight hours and/or flight cycles and/or calendar time and/or life in any other applicable parameter, as appropriate, as well as modifications subject to airworthiness limitation completed by an ‘in-service-history-record’. The ‘in-service-history-records’ should clearly: i. identify the part by its part number and serial number;ii. show the date of installation and removal (i.e. date on/date off);iii. show the details of the installation and removal, i.e. type, serial number, weight variant, thrust rating, as appropriate, of the aircraft, engine, engine module, propeller or component to which the particular component hasiv. been fitted, along with the reference to the installation and removal; show the total in-service life accumulated in flight hours and/or flight cycles and/or landings and/or calendar time and/or any other applicable parameter,as corresponding to the dates of installation and removal of the part.Return of unserviceable Unit: Upon receipt of the returned Core Unit, TVS shall inspect, re-certificate, repair, overhaul and upgradesuch Unit to same modification standard as the Core Unit was when supplied, at the sole cost and expense of Customer. If the returnedCore Unit is beyond economical repair according to TVS definition, the Unit may be returned to Customer, if requested, in its unserviceable condition at the sole cost and risk of Customer. Customer may supply - subject to TVS‘s approval and within ten (10) Days - an alternate Unit as replacement. In this case, Exchange Fees will apply for the time until the equivalent replacement is received by TVS. If the returned Unit is beyond economical repair it will be locally scrapped and costs for replacement unit will be charged (same condition as provided). Return of serviceable Unit: The acceptance of a return of a serviceable unit must be mutually agreed between the parties. In case of return of aserviceable Core Unit, TVS will test and recertify the unit at the sole expense of Customer in order to comply with TVS‘s quality system.Returns of new units shall in any case be accompanied, clearly indicated to the respective item, by an entirely completed Certificate of Release toService (CRS) substantially in accordance with the following requirements:· EASA Form one or· FAA 8130-3Late return of Core Unit: In case the Core Unit is not received within the Exchange period, the attached Exchange Fee will apply for each and every subsequent Exchange period (period length as stated in the Agreement). If TVS does not receive the Core Unit within 42 Days after shipment of the TVS Unit, TVS reserves the right to convert the Exchange into Sale hereunder.In case of a Sale, Customer shall be charged with 120% of the applicable CLP plus 100% of the Exchange Fees accumulated up to that date on the applicable or Exchange Unit. Return of Exchange Unit:The Core Unit must be repairable and be the same part number as the Exchange Unit supplied by TVS. An interchangeable part number may be returned as well, if the interchangeability complies with TVS regulations. Furthermore the Core Unit must be the same modification status or be capable of modification to the same status. If the Core Unit is a life limited part and of significant greater “life” than the TVS Exchange Unit was, TVS reserves the right to charge Customer: Value of each Day for the unit is defined by CLP/Life Limit. Customer has to pay the difference in value between the returned Core Unit and the supplied TVS Unit.Shipment Each shipment of Unit to Customer will be prepared to pickup at TVS stock and the cost of shipping from the point of pick up will be payable by Customer. Return shipment by Customer to TVS will be via prepaid air freight or personal delivery to TVS facility. Customer agrees that if it returns Unit from outside of the EU, it will be delivered free of all customs duties, taxes, fees, brokerage charges and transportation costs. TVS accepts no responsibility for EU or foreign customs documentation in connection with the outbound or inbound movement of any Unit, and Customer hereby assumes all responsibility for such documentation.