Honeywell Aerospace Trading – VIRTUAL Consignment Services




HAT (Consignee) enters into agreement with airline (Consignor) to sell excess / surplus stock

Physical inventory AND inventory book value stays with the Consignor (ex. airline)

HAT responsible for selling the inventory (customer questions / quotes, advertising, etc.)

HAT takes a fee from each successful sale


HAT launches “HAT Consignment” GoDirect Trade storefront to list airline inventory

Inventory is listed for sale under HAT Consignment storefront (no mention of airline name)

GoDirect Trade will provide free White Glove service to organize airline consignment listings, use stock photos, and obtain minimum quality documentation

HAT will price listings

All orders placed against consigned stock will be routed to the airline for fulfillment (can be data packet or full integration into the airline’s ERP using APIs) – Virtual consignment


Sales / Revenue Tracking

All audit / reporting is segregated under HAT Consignment storefront

All consignment inventory / values are tracked in Quantum not SAP

HAT will reconcile fees / revenue with airlines on quarterly basis


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