Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is GoDirect Trade?

Thanks for asking! GoDirect Trade is like an online aerospace shopping mall that connects buyers and sellers from all over the world to transact directly. Our mission is to build the first Aerospace Marketplace where Buyers can buy quality parts with confidence. We’re not the marketplace with millions of listings (which may or may not be real). We’re the marketplace where premium Sellers can only list parts that have product images, quality documents and price. No matter where we are today, transparency and a frictionless experience for the Buyer will prevail. This is the New World Order.

For Buyers

Are there any charges to use GoDirect Trade to purchase products?

No, GoDirect Trade is 100% free for buyers to utilize GoDirect Trade. No subscription fees and no commissions to buy on GoDirect Trade. 

Can I buy and sell on GoDirect Trade using the same account / user ID?

Yes. Once you register as a new user tied to a company, you can buy and sell from the same account. 

When can a transaction be canceled? How can I request to cancel my order? How can I request a fee refund for a canceled transaction? When can a transaction be canceled?

At this time, orders cannot be modified or cancelled directly through GoDirect Trade. If you need to change or cancel an order that was submitted through GoDirect Trade, contact the Seller directly.

For Sellers

How do I get started as a Seller? How do I launch my own customized aerospace storefront?

As of right now, GoDirect Trade is in a beta phase with a select group of early collaborators as sellers. Our purpose is to ensure that we spend a significant amount of time and effort building an experience that people will love without trying to get too big, too fast. Once we build the right experience, then we will scale it and open it up to additional sellers. If you are interested in collaborating with GoDirect Trade and participating in our early collaborator community, please contact Tony Perillo, our business development leader, at

Am I committed to buying and selling on GoDirect Trade once I launch a storefront?

No way! GoDirect Trade is a major proponent of expanding global reach for all sellers through e-commerce. We think you will LOVE GoDirect Trade but you can certainly continue to work with all the existing platforms and marketing channels you are currently using. GoDirect Trade is here to help you grow!

What if the buyer left me negative feedback?

Feedback is how a buyer feels about the results of a transaction. We recommend that you attempt to resolve the situation with the buyer and request that the buyer contact us to remove the negative feedback once they are satisfied with the transaction.

How to block a buyer?

As a seller, you cannot automatically block a buyer from specifically purchasing from your storefront. The expectation is that if a buyer submits an order request to you via GoDirect Trade, once you as a seller reviews the order request, you can make the determination if you would like to reject the order and not sell to a particular buyer. 

How much does it cost to become a seller on GoDirect Trade?

Seller storefronts can be launched for a yearly subscription fee of $15,000 USD. For more information on launching a storefront or more information on the subscription fees, please contact Tony Perillo, our business development leader, at

What are the requirements to list items for sale on GoDirect Trade?

Once you have launched your storefront, there are (3) main requirements to list an item for sale. You must have a minimum of *one product image, *one quality document and the list price. For more details on launching a storefront / getting started, click insert link to our "Getting Started" package to learn more.

Can we only list aerospace related parts?

For now, GoDirect Trade is focused on launching storefronts that sell aerospace related parts.