I have four kids.


And all four of these precious, precious gems are part of that quirky “Generation Z” category (born after 1996) that society has chosen to peanut butter spread as “slightly worse and even lazier” than those pesky Millennials (born between 1980 and 1995).


Is this classification based on scientific fact? No. But it is based on real-life mom experience.


Whereas Millennial children might require a text for the breakfast bell notification, my Generation Z offspring are notified through Alexa that breakfast is in fact, ready.


90% of Millennials check their emails, texts and social media accounts before getting out of bed.


50% of Generation Z kiddos can’t live without YouTube. 


Fun fact: It takes 8 seconds for a bull rider to stay on the bull to receive points. This timeframe is equivalent to the average attention span of a Gen Z’er.


But although these two generations diverge in some areas, there is one common thread among them. Whether you’re a Millennial or a Generation Z’er, you speak in digital and you want things “now”. When I think about my own kids entering the workforce (another fun fact: By 2025, Millennials will account for 75% of the global workforce; by 2020 Gen Z’ers will make up 20% of the work force), the first thing that runs through my mind is how in the world will they be able to get anything done since the art of verbal conversation is simply off the table?


Am I exaggerating? Yes. My kids can have conversations with society. If motivated. But when I think about the $4B used aerospace parts market, three things come to mind:


Hidden pricing.

Relationship-based selling.

Virtually zero e-commerce sales.


Yes, you are reading this right. Non-transparent. Inefficient. And Antiquated.


But the fact that this industry behemoth operates with such inefficiency isn’t the real kicker. Fifteen years ago, auto dealerships kicked and screamed in resistance to the Digital Age but eventually, the consumers won the war. Information to purchase a car is both accurate and transparent. The experience to purchase a car is still radically changing. It’s not just Doritos that come out of vending machines anymore thanks to Carvana. But despite the used automobile’s radical transformation to modern times, the used aerospace industry has been able to dig its heels into the ground. For the past thirty years, it’s been able to say “I like phone calls, emails, and price negotiation. I ain’t budging.” And the consumers simply accept this experience as status quo.


Until now.


Because, my friends.


Winter is coming.  


No one knows whether Jon Snow and Dany will save the 7 kingdoms from the demise of the Army of the Dead.


No one knows whether GoDirect™ Trade will persevere and shift the used aerospace parts industry into modern times.


But one thing is for sure.


Both will die trying.


Kind of.


You get the point.


We won’t stop until our mission is complete. The day that a consumer in this industry refuses to make a purchase unless the price, product images, and quality documents are provided is the day that we know we’ve won this battle.


It certainly won’t be easy. But we’re hoping good will prevail.


Let's Talk Trade again,