I’m a sucker for shoes.

However, that’s NOT why I’m focusing on Zappos right now. Besides being wildly successful, what do Zappos and Dropbox have in common? Both companies leveraged orderly, scientific approaches and used validated learning in unique and more importantly, modest, ways.

How so you ask?

The founder of Zappos didn’t start out by building a website that built tentacles into every wholesale shoe distributor warehouse system. Instead, he visited local shoes stores and asked to take pictures of the store’s inventory so he could post it on Zappos. If he was able to sell the shoes on his site, then he would come back to the store and pay full price for the shoes. Um, what? As crazy and inefficient as that “experiment” sounds, he wanted to first prove out that his site was indeed serving a need out there. Zappos was later acquired by Amazon for a cool billion dollars. 

On the other side of the geek hemisphere we have Dropbox. The founders of Dropbox always had the vision to have an application that installed like magic on your desktop and across any platform. You can imagine the development work involved in something like that. Rather than code, code, and code away, they decided to create a demo video to showcase a product that didn’t even exist. The demo “showed” the application installing like magic on a desktop and then how easily it enabled large file sharing across computers. The demo ended with a prompt for the user to enter sign-up for future pre-beta testing and updates on the product launch. Dropbox was able to measure and gauge customer interest even before they started the developing.

So for anyone out there that might ding GoDirect Trade because it's not the perfect customer experience - I'll be the first one to agree with you on that front. You're right. It's not perfect. Our marketplace is an ever-evolving platform that we genuinely believe will move the aerospace parts industry into modern times - and the #1 way we're going to do that is through our buyers and sellers giving us rapid feedback and then our GoDirect Trade development team transforming that feedback into the features you want and need. Will we have bugs? Yes. That sucks. But are we obsessed about our customers and committed to working non-stop to provide an experience you love? YES! So stick with us - we WILL get there.

Let's Talk Trade again,