Congrats to #Honeywell and our stellar Blockchain Advanced Tech Team for making it on the Forbes Blockchain 50 list two years in a row. Forty years ago, the internet was truly at the ground floor with 12 computers connected together. In many respects, at least from an aerospace enterprise perspective, Blockchain is still in the norming and storming phase. BUT we believe in the technology and the value we know it can bring . . . we want those at-bats and one day we'll hit the homer!

Honeywell has developed a blockchain-based marketplace for used aerospace parts, a $4 billion industry full of expensive, specialized equipment and rigorous safety requirements. Honeywell’s GoDirect Trade platform collects information about aircraft parts over their entire life cycle and makes it available to potential buyers prior to the sale. Using a blockchain ledger allows Honeywell to securely aggregate this information from multiple, often competing, players.
Key Executive: Lisa Butters, Blockchain Product Applications Leader and General Manager of GoDirect Trade