Thanksgiving is literally my favorite holiday of all time. Obviously there’s the food (my big brother concocts a Thanksgiving dinner that forces me to set the scale back ten pounds). There’s the two-hand touch football game (last year I got my ankles broken by a ten-year old but I’m still coming back for more). And then there’s the simple fact that it causes you to remember one critical thing: There is always something to be thankful for.


Never did I picture myself running a software startup inside a 100-year old company. But I’m here. Inside this circus. Inside this rapid-fire learning opportunity. And thanking my lucky stars. This is an opportunity of a lifetime and I am beyond thankful for it.


Neal Maxwell once said, “We should certainly count our blessings but we should also make those blessings count.” When I think about our GoDirect Trade community (YOU to be exact) believe me when I say that not only am I incredibly thankful but I feel this endless pressure to take the opportunities you’ve given us and use it for the good of society. Because of YOU, these are the reasons why we’re so thankful:


    • Someone actually placed an online order for a used, $100,000 USD engine. Keep that 1974 IAI flying!


    • All the buzz and positive juju you’ve given us landed us featured articles on The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Yahoo! Finance.


    • The top 100 largest airlines in the world are part of our marketplace.


    • Your encouragement has pushed us to expand our Blockchain solutions into the anti-counterfeit space which will revolutionize the aftermarket trading industry forever. 


    • 1 million pageviews from our awesome users only ten months after going live.


    • We are 44 storefronts, 5,000 registered users, and 2,000 companies strong.


    • We haven’t hit our 1st birthday and we’ve already processed millions in online sales. In a used parts industry where virtually no transactions are done online, this is big stuff.



It’s one thing to be thankful but it’s up to our start-up to take these blessings and continue to evolve the used aerospace parts trading space further. We want to bring this $4B industry into modern times. We want to eliminate quoting. We want to bring transparency to our consumers. And we want to make our sellers incredibly successful in the digital era.


On behalf of our entire start-up family and the Honeywell mothership that we live inside of, THANK YOU for making all of this possible. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving (for all those who celebrate it).


Remember everyone. Leftovers are for quitters.