Hello, 2020!


I realize it is February 4, 2020 and I'm obviously late to the party . . . but it is never too late to stay organized. I wanted to use this blog post to show our readers how I (try) to keep organized using my handy-dandy jumbo aerospace calendar. Not only is it oversized but it has a touch of minimalism blended with a rugged industrial flair.  

Overall dimensions of the calendar:

27" wide and 32" tall

Quick tip: If you don't want to make a jumbo calendar, you can print the PDF file out and it's a perfect 8.5" x 11" calendar!


Material list:

2020 aerospace calendar PDF (relax, all we need is your email address and we'll send you the file for FREE and I promise we won't SPAM you ... a lot). Once you download the file, you're going to get the file printed in 24" x 32" black and white engineering prints

Wood slat (from Home Depot / Lowe's) that is ~2.5" tall x 27" long x 1" thick

Min Wax wood finish / stain (special walnut 224 color)

Calendar trim on the sides: You can either use a 40lb frame wire or basic canvas string to wrap on both sides of the calendar (this gives it a cool, industrial look)

Paint brush (to apply the wood stain)

Hammer (optional)

Staple gun


Step 1: Print the file at your local print store

In order to get the "jumbo" look we're going for, email the calendar PDF file to a local Staples or OfficeMax. Engineering prints, which are 24" x 32", are normally $3/print . . . and because I'm a pro at crastinating and I'm posting this blog in February, it's only $3 x 11 months = $33 to print the 11 remaining months of the year (February - December). 

 print the file

Step 2: Prepare the wood trim

I visited my local Home Depot for my wood trim because they'll cut it to the exact length of ~2.5" tall x 27" long x 1" thick. Once I got it home I stained it (1 to 1.5ish coats) with the Min Wax Special Walnut stain. Let it dry for about an hour and then you can apply the trim.

wood stain

wood trim

The final product picture shows the calendar with basic canvas string trim (which I love because I can use the same string to tie a marker to it as an accessory). In this particular tutorial, I wrapped a 40lb wire (at Home Depot in the framing department) around the left and right sides. Make sure you use a staple gun to set the wire in place and then wrap around until you get the desired look. Once you're done with the wire, use a single staple to hold the end in place.


wrap around


Step 3: Staple the calendar prints to the wood trim

Use your staple gun to staple the calendar prints to the wood trim piece (staples should be ~3" a part). If the staples are not flush against the wood, use a hammer to pound those suckers further in. 


Step 4: Find a wall where you can hang your artwork and EVERYONE can comment on how cool it is. Take a dab. 

Life hack: Use a string to hang a marker on the side of a calendar. You'll never be without a writing utensil at a critical moment ever again.