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GoDirect™ Trade is an online marketplace bringing together buyers and sellers in the aerospace industry from around the world.

On our marketplace, premium sellers can only list parts that have product images, quality documents and price. Transparency and frictionless experience for the buyer is our goal. Our marketplace has been featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and Harvard Business Review and is rapidly moving from “small startup” to “major disruptor. ”GoDirect Trade is different from other marketplaces because we are totally free. Our free service is a self-serve listing process, meaning you are in total control of learning our intuitive processes, listing your products, and fulfilling customer orders.

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Access to Inventory 24/7

We are open 24/7. We make it easy for the supplier to add, change, delete, and modify any stock items listed on GoDirect Trade.

Reduce RFQs & Increase Sales

Less than 25% of buyers are checking out with no price haggling, which means your sales teams can spend more time selling and less time responding to RFQs.

Real-Time Availability

Every product has a price, photo, and real-time availability status. You will only find quality listings from trusted sellers on GoDirect Trade.

FREE self-served listing subscription

Utilize Blockchain- enabled Technology

Unlimited Searching, Browsing and Checkouts

What Members Say about GoDirect Trade

Top Quality service and pricing as you would expect from the excellent new marketplace. We will be back.

Verified Buyer

The staff at GoDirect Trade was very helpful in guiding me through this new system and made the process very understandable and replied to questions in a very timely manner

Verified Buyer

I am the leader for the Aircraft on Ground (AOG) team and I frequently use GoDirect Trade to search for alternative part sources. When we need parts, we need them incredibly fast, so being to see what’s on the shelf and ready to ship is important to us. The fact that there are air worthiness tags to view is a definite plus.

Verified Buyer
AOG Operations leader

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Our innovative services and products are shaping the aerospace industry one part at a time.

Listing Service with Parts Availibility

Prices on 100% Listings Required

Product Images Required

Quality Documentations Required

No Ghost Listings

Easy to Import Listings

Buyer can Checkout Online Efficiently

Dynamic "Ask Seller" Storefront Conversations Connect Buyers & Sellers for communication and price negotiations

Blockchain Enabled for Part Pedigree Information Eliminate ambiguity from transaction and provide Buyer part history on the listing details

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