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What is GoDirect Trade?

GoDirect™ Trade is an online marketplace designed to bring together buyers and sellers in the aerospace industry from around the world in an intuitive and easy way. 

In order to do this, GoDirect™ Trade is a marketplace where premium sellers can only list parts that have product images, quality documents and price. To start, we are not trying to become the marketplace with millions of listings (which may or may not be real). We are the marketplace where buyers can find quality listings from trusted sellers. No matter where we are today, transparency and a frictionless experience for the buyer will prevail.

Customers value information over price!

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Survey’s show (reference link below) that B2B buyers want information at their fingertips and value it higher than price alone. We enable quality listings complete with required photo, price, and quality document which make it easy for buyers to do business with you.

Join the rest of the Aero industry in the new way used serviceable and new surplus inventory is sold online. Don’t be left behind!

How is GoDirectTrade.com different to the rest?

Listing Service with Parts Availibility

Prices on 100% Listings Required

Product Images Required

Quality Documentations Required

No Ghost Listings

Easy to Import Listings

Buyer can Checkout Online Efficiently

Dynamic "Ask Seller" Storefront Conversations Connect Buyers & Sellers for communication and price negotiations

Blockchain Enabled for Part Pedigree Information Eliminate ambiguity from transaction and provide Buyer part history on the listing details

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Put more eyes on your parts!

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GoDirect™ Trade proudly has a buyer base of 2000 people from over 750 companies.

Access this vast buyer base & generate more sales as a seller on GoDirect™ Trade today!

Reduce RFQs and Increase Sales

Our sellers are finding that our buyers love our consumer look and feel. >25% of buyers are checking out with no price haggling which means your sales teams can spend more time selling, and less time responding to RFQs (serious or otherwise).

Improve your efficiency and become a seller on GoDirect™ Trade today!


Cutting Edge Application of New Technologies!


GoDirectTrade.com is the first Aerospace business to leverage blockchain technology to establish a part pedigree Trust Trace™ system.

Contact Support@GoDirectTrade.com to learn more or be part of the Trust Trace™ network.

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