About GoDirect Trade

About GoDirect Trade

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Our mission is to disrupt the aerospace industry by fundamentally changing the expectations of our buyers. In today's world, consumers don't want online transactions to be easy. They demand it. And yet, even though we demand efficiency and ease in our consumer lives, aerospace parts are still bought and sold through listing services, phone calls and emails.

At GoDirect Trade, we are committed to providing an experience to our buyers that will make them wonder how they ever accepted anything less. Today, price, product images and quality documents are merely a "nice-to-have" feature. Tomorrow, we know that we've succeeded in our mission when buyers demand this information for all online transactions.

In order to do this, GoDirect Trade will become a marketplace where premium sellers can only list parts that have product images, quality documents and price. To start, we are not trying to become the marketplace with millions of listings (which may or may not be real). We are the marketplace where buyers can find quality listings from trusted sellers. No matter where we are today, transparency and a frictionless experience for the buyer will prevail.